Hive was a general toolkit for building distributed systems. At The Media Lab we focused primarily on using Hive as the software infrastructure for rapidly creating different demonstrations of our research and interlinking them. Hive was used by media lab researchers to support application-level networking things and concepts.

Highlights - Agents That Move For Things That Think

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Wearable Computing Meets Ubiquitous Computing: Reaping the Best of Both Worlds

ASA/MA - Hive: Distributed Agents for Networking Things

Hive is a distributed agents platform, a decentralized system for building applications by networking local system resources

PC Magazine - The Networking of Everyday Things

At the MIT Media Lab, researchers toy with wearable beads and flashing orbs in their efforts to understand complex, self-organizing networks.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Infrastructure for an Intelligent Kitchen

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Hive: A Software Infrastructure for Things That Think

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Designing an Ecology of Distributed Agents