Japan 2017

Japan A few notes I took on a recent trip. Before you go Follow Tokyo Fixer on Instagram. At minimum he will get you excited. If he inspires you, he has the time and you have the budget, apparently he’ll take you to all the secret cool spots in the city for a “mere” $780 […]


The simple truth is, not all of us become the men we once hoped we might be. But we are all God’s creatures. If there are those among us who thought ill of Mr. Hollom, or spoke ill of him, or failed him in respect of fellowship… then we ask for your forgiveness, Lord. And […]

The Reverse Turing Test

I’m always fascinated by the subtle ways in which our otherwise insightful predictions about the future are nonetheless totally wrong. The famous Turing Test is paraphrased as “can you tell it’s a robot?” In the ad tech business (and many others) we spend much more time on the problem of “Can you tell it’s not […]