Oliver Roup <oroup@oroup.com>
San Francisco CA 94123oroup.com


2023 – Cloudflare San Francisco, CA
VP of Product, Platform. Stay tuned...
2020 – 2022 Instacart San Francisco, CA
VP of Product for Enterprise. Owner of Enterprise products through corporate transition from consumer to retailer-enablement.
  • Owned multiple products line representing billions in revenue and a significant fraction of gross profit for the entire company.
  • Complete rebuild of product team. Moved retailer NPS score +20 and team health score +45%.
  • Executive sponsor of successful FoodStorm acquisition. Delivered 100% of OKRs and retained entire team since acquisition.
  • Delivered numerous high-stakes platform and customer launches for key partners like Costco, Wegmans, Kroger, and Publix.
2018 – 2019 Sovrn (Acquirer of VigLink) San Francisco, CA
Head of Product Strategy. Reporting to the CEO, Walter Knapp.
  • Applied the data obtained from the commerce business into the display ecosystem including novel work in low-price "micro-bidding" and data profiling. Developed proprietary sales automation tools to drive down the cost of customer acquisition.
  • Assisted integration of VigLink into Sovrn which outperformed all pre-acquisition performance targets.
2009 – 2018 VigLink (Acquired by Sovrn) San Francisco, CA
Sole Founder / CEO. Invented and delivered a set of "supply-side" tools enabling mainstream web publishers to participate in affiliate commerce revenue utilizing display advertising techniques incuding realtime bidding and modelling historical behavior.
2003 – 2007 Microsoft Redmond, WA
Principal Group Program Manager (Director). Internally recruited by XBOX founder J Allard to start team serving TV and Movie downloads to the XBOX. Prior work shipping numerous entertainment products including Music, Radio and others.

2002 – 2003


Seattle, WA

Research Program Manager. Worked personally for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen managing various AI, venture diligence and media strategy projects. Managed multiple teams locally and overseas with multi-million-dollar budgets. Presented to DARPA RKF.
2000 – 2002 Echo Networks

San Francisco, CA

Director of Advanced Technology. Sole product manager and core engineer for award-winning online radio product.
2007 – 2009 Harvard Business School (HBS) Boston, MA
Master of Business Administration. Winner John H. McArthur Canadian Fellowship. 2nd place VCIC competition.
1994 – 1999 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, MA
Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Hive founder at MIT Media Lab. Director of Nightline.
Professional associations, consulting and internships
2023 – CEO & Executive Coach San Francisco, CA
Personal coach to CEOs, executives, and venture capitalists drawing on my counseling experience and focusing on inner game.
2020 First Round Capital San Francisco, CA
Angel Track. A community of established operators and founders looking to develop their skills as early-stage investors.
2010 – 2024 YPO (Formerly Young Presidents' Organization) San Francisco, CA
Member, Golden Gate Chapter. YPO is a global leadership community of chief executives with members in >130 countries.
2012 – 2016 Performance Marketing Association Camarillo, CA
Board of Directors. Twice-elected board member. Founded publisher recruitment council. Retired by term limit.
2008 – 2009 Founders Fund San Francisco, CA
Associate. First intern. Member of SpaceX deal team. Personally sourced a deal through Series A investment.
2007 British Broadcasting Corporation London, UK
Consulting Architect. Contract engagement to course correct iPlayer, a then-struggling 5-year, 200-person software effort.
Technical Skills and Patents
Hands-on technologist focused on network architecture, arbitrage and real-time bidding. Inventor of more than a dozen patents.
  Former national champion rower, sailing race coach, avid cyclist and registered yoga teacher. Travel to over 50 countries.