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I believe in creating space for people to hear themselves more clearly, enabling profound personal and professional growth. Discover the path to transformative leadership with tailored coaching.

About Me

I spent a decade as sole Founder / CEO of VigLink. I wallowed in the trough of sorrow with tough capital raises, occaisonally difficult board dynamics, layoffs and legal challenges. Ultimately the company achieved profitability and a positive exit but it was not easy. I have tremendous empathy for founders because I've walked the journey they have.

At MIT I spent four years working for Nightline a peer crisis hotline open all night and ready to answer any question. Common topics included fears of failure and imposter syndrome, relationships and challenges with health & sexuality, drug and alcohol abuse and sometimes very serious topics like violence and suicide. Nightline honed my active listening skills.

My Services

  • Executive Coaching: Personalized sessions to support your most authentic self, address your unique challenges, aspirations, and growth areas. Dive deep into introspection and discover your true leadership voice. Do the inner work that will enable you to eliminate stress and overwhelm so you can enjoy the journey.
  • 360° Feedback: Gain comprehensive insights from your peers, subordinates, and stakeholders to understand your leadership impact.

Why Choose Me?

  • Experienced Guide: I have walked in your shoes with a decade as a startup CEO. I've also spent time at larger companies like Microsoft and Instacart and can guide you as to best practices established at these industry leaders.
  • Customized Approach: I recognize that every leader's journey is unique. My programs are tailored to fit your individual needs and aspirations.
  • Proven Methodologies: Drawing from neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and real-world business acumen, my methods are both scientifically grounded and practically tested.

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