Ko Tao

After a week in Ko Phangan (Where does the time go?!) I have moved on to Ko Tao. This kind of travel really gives you a first hand view of the limitations of the Lonely Planet and it’s peers. While the books describe Ko Tao as very rural, without even fulltime power, arriving at the dock, you see a pretty thriving Scuba destination with plush resorts that exceed anything Ko Phangan has to offer. Oh well, good thing I love to Scuba dive!

I went out for two dives yesterday (first time in probably 5 years) and reminded myself how much I love it. Lots of great coral and wildlife including a huge sea turtle and a 3m reef shark. Great stuff. Today I am going out to “shark bay” in the boat of a local that my friend Danielle has met. These guys don’t speak a ton of English so we will see if we get what we expect. Lots of suntan lotion definitely required!