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  • Japan 2017

    Japan 2017

    Japan A few notes I took on a recent trip. Before you go Follow Tokyo Fixer on Instagram. At minimum he will get you excited. If he inspires you, he has the time and you have the budget, apparently he’ll take you to all the secret cool spots in the city for a “mere” $780 […]

  • Minsk Wedding

    I just got back from a friend’s wedding in Minsk. There were a bunch of awesome sounding weddings this season and I usually make a point of going to all the weddings I’m invited to, but given my new career situation (which I’ll be ready to talk about soon) I’ve unfortunately needed to conserve both the time and money. There’s always an exception to the rule though and my friends Paul and Jenia’s wedding in Minsk was somthing I just couldn’t miss.

  • San Francisco Bound

    Today I’m heading out to San Francisco for the summer. I’m going to be working for a VC fund. I’ve already done some work with them and I’m super excited. They’re super smart, have a great track-record and seem like a ton of fun. I’m also pretty excited to move back to San Francisco. I […]

  • Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City

    I’ve been in a lot of cities with crazy traffic. Boston has no lane markers on the roads and few street signs. I once thought that was bad. Bangkok has congestion that means traffic jams at any hour of the day or night. Moscow is still the only city I’ve been where I felt as […]

  • China / Vietnam

    I just got back from 2 weeks in China and Vietnam, travelling with 50 awesome folks from b-school. Amazing amazing places. Travelling with 50 people naturally constrains the kind of trip you can have. The school can basically never let you get into a situation with actual danger on a trip they organize. So the […]

  • Getting back to it

    A blog that is 5 months stale is embarrassing. Better not to have a blog than to leave it stale. Despite the best entreaties of my parents I’ve never been a great diary keeper – my old justification was that I was too busy living things to write them down. Somehow that argument gets older […]

  • Gili Trawangan

    Getting to the Gili Islands is hard. Well, there may be an easy way, but I did not find it. While I have come to believe the Lonely Planet and it’s brethen are a bit of a scourge on the traveller, the minimal info on how to get somewhere is at least helpful. This is […]

  • Bangkok

    Although my time in Bangkok was short, I must admit I am not a huge fan of the city. Look like you are hesitating for about 5 seconds (or walk down the street with a backpack on) and someone will be on you trying to sell you something in a pretty intrusive in your face […]

  • Samui

    All good things must end and so after the full moon party it was unfortunately time for our little group to head our seperate ways. Dan and Yara headed for Singapore, a bunch of the couples headed down to Kolanta for some relaxing (and no doubt romantic) time and I headed to Ko Samui to […]

  • The Perfect Zen Day

    I spoke a little before I left about what the perfect Zen day would be. Here is the rough schedule, amended for the experience of actually living it: 10 am wake up 10-12 lie in bed, read in the hammock, take a walk through the totally quiet town 12-1 eat “breakfast” 1-3 Yoga class. Amazing […]