Ko Phangan 1 – Hat Rin

Ko Phangan

On my flight into Thailand, I skipped Bangkok entirely and on the advice of a friend headed directly to Ko Samui and onwards to Ko Phangan. It’s like each of those places gets progressively less developed as you go, with Bangkok as mega-metropole, Ko Samui as developed honeymoon destination ala Maui (with an awesomely cute airport) and Ko Phangan still bearing the traces of what people who came to Thailand in the 80s still talk about – simple and hedonistic. The big decisions are whether to lie on the beach or take a walk up to the lighthouse. I have not yet made it out of Hat Rin, the biggest development on the Island although still quite simple and laid back. Television has made a little too much of an inroad here and it feels like a big frat party but there’s still plenty of magic. Soon I will head up to Kao Tao an even smaller island focused mostly around Scuba diving.