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  • The Reverse Turing Test

    I’m always fascinated by the subtle ways in which our otherwise insightful predictions about the future are nonetheless totally wrong. The famous Turing Test is paraphrased as “can you tell it’s a robot?” In the ad tech business (and many others) we spend much more time on the problem of “Can you tell it’s not […]

  • Bitcasa, snake oil, etc

    I’ve watched with some amusement the controversy between CrunchFund and TechCrunch and whether Mike Arrington can successfully / fairly cover the startups that he writes about / promotes. On the general question, I have no idea, and I do think Mike has unfairly taken the brunt of the firestorm here when lots of other publications […]

  • Apple + OnLive?

    Big software companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and even Facebook have a ton of cash on their balance sheet. Whenever investors start pressuring them to dividend some of that cash to shareholders, the ready answer is always that they’re hanging on to it to facilitate major acquisitions. Steve Jobs said recently justified his $51B cash […]

  • The Twitter Curve

    An awesome and pretty self-explanatory graph from an awesome blog I just got sent. It’s three years old so I guess I’m just behind the times. (MySpace? What’s that?)