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  • Computational Fluid Dynamics take a leap

    Computational Fluid Dynamics take a leap

    People ask me all the time what work is being done that I find exciting. Honestly it’s a little harder than it used to be. The simultaneous emergence of cloud infrastructure providers and mobile hardware created a cambrian explosion of innovation that now feels like it’s settling out. The work done in this video is […]

  • Tesla, Autopilot and Data Collection

    Tesla, Autopilot and Data Collection

    f I were going to build a self-driving car, I’d want to have a large corpus of field data. What situations come up most commonly? How do humans handle them? How might our computer react in a similar situation? Google’s self-driving car efforts are well known and they’ve spoken publicly about how all the miles […]

  • The world needs only five computers

    C|Net hosts an interesting interview with Greg Papadopoulos, CTO of Sun, where he articulates the Sun argument that there will only be a small number of companies in the world that can achieve the scale and efficiency of data center operations to compete and that everybody else will get squeezed out. I think this basic […]

  • Google Maps style UX comes to Leopard

    At the WWDC last summer, Steve Jobs made a big deal about how he was keeping a few features in the next release of OS X (Leopard) secret because he didn’t want the folks in Redmond (ahem) to “start their photocopiers too early”. Although the whole photocopiers angle is an obvious jab (and not even plausibly realistic) I do think there are […]

  • On being root

    Recently, my last friend who was still a student at MIT in the PHD program graduated and so I had to find a new home for What I’d always really wanted was my own box hosted at a colo where I could play around at will, install bizarre software, and so on. I’d previously […]